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How is the European Union Gearing up for Boosting ѓafeҠAI?

On October 20, three reports were approved by the European Parliament during a vote.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a machine to display human-like capabilities such as reasoning, learning, planning, and creativity. It has played a major part in the digital transformation. Today,…

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Hereҳ a Quick Way to Know the Fact About the South Beach Diet Danger

The South Beach Diet is considered to be a healthy diet that is concerned with the right carbohydrates and the right fats for a healthy body. As such, many people were drawn to it believing that the South Beach Diet is really the best diet for them. However, out of this good reputation that the Sout…

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How to create credit memo from customer return

In a normal business scenario credit memo and customer return plays an important part. It has its own importance in the sales process which is integral to business processes.

New Stuff:…..

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11 Benefits of Drawing for the 55+ Population

Did you ever imagine that drawing could do wonders for your well-being?

Drawing is not just an activity enjoyed by children. Many older adults can benefit from activities like drawing and painting. Art therapy is a relaxing, fun experience for lots of older adults, while allowing them to enhanc…

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The former regional lead for Apple APAC and current COO of Tech in Asia talks about her style influences and how she dresses up for work during the Covid-19 pan

The former regional lead for Apple APAC and current COO of Tech in Asia talks about her style influences and how she dresses up for work during the Covid-19 pan…

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How Marketers Can Steer Companies Out of Crisis and Find Long-term Success With Tony Guarnaccia [AMP 207]

Former professional boxer Mike Tyson wisely stated, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Unexpected blows, such as a global pandemic and recession, have marketers evaluating their strategies to learn how to change, respond, and adapt during times of crisis. Today’s guest is Ton…

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Justice Department sues Google for allegedly breaking antitrust law

The U.S. Justice Department today filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google LLC accusing the company of harming the competition in the search and search advertising markets. Google has pushed back against the suit, calling it “deeply flawed” in a statement.  The Justice Department is being joined …

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Clear Bias in Computer Vision with the Help of this New Tool

One of the recent issues that have developed within the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is that of bias in computer vision. Numerous specialists are currently finding bias within AI frameworks, prompting skewed outcomes in different various applications, for example, court condemning program…

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Updated Market size overview: The players with the most Sales Enablement acquisitions

The players in Sales Enablement with the most acquisitions in this space:

Microsoft Office/Teams/SharePoint/Dynamics/Yammer/Skype/LinkedIn(PointDrive) 9 Bigtincan: Contondo, FatStax, Zunos, Veelo (mobilepaks) Asdeq Labs, XINN, Agnitio A/S 8 Salesforce CRM CMS/Sites/Content/Chatter/Quip/Einstein/App…

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Day Traders: What You Need To Know

Day traders play an essential and often unappreciated role in our economy. And do not most things and events in life come back to the subject of money. Day traders allow the stock market to put a price on the companies that are a constant, vital part of our lives. We know these companies. As they to…

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Business Coaching

All About Business Coaching and Why It Benefits You

How long has your company been in operation? Did you recently open your doors, or have you been at it for years? Are you seeing the success you envisioned when you first opened your doors? Do you know how to motivate your employees, create excellen…

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